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Cultivated Reef

20H Janitor Suggestions


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I currently have the following tank setup:


20H Tank

110 Watts PC Lighting

2 Powerhead 201's

Fluval 204

Seaclone 100 Skimmer


20Lbs of Live Sand

14 Lbs of Florida Aquacultured LR

Adding 20Lbs of Addl Fiji LR


78 Deg F

Salinity 1.023

Ph 8.2

Cal around 300


I would like i good cleanup crew after my tank has been established. I have been looking at turbos, hermits, shrimps, crabs, and brittle Stars. I am looking for suggestions after the tank cycles and coraline starts growing.

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here's what I have in my 20H:

~10 hermits 4-6 blue 4-5-maroon

1 brittle star

2 peppermint shrimp

1 sally lightfoot

1 emerald

1 urchin

1 fighting conch

2 astrea






p.s. urchin doesn't really cleanup anything, although he probably does help my coraline spread.

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I would stay away from the turbo The are to big in my opinion, and punch up the astera a bit. In my 20H I have:

5 red leg reef hermits (which are starting to get a bit big)

5 astrea

10 nassarious

6 bumblebee

6 cerith

1 pepermint shrimp

1 serpent star

My cleaner hitch hikers consist of

1 blue leg crab ( I want some more)

1 urchin (who is growing fast)

Various brittle and serpant stars 50+

several unidentified snail that eat algae.


Most people say that the bumble bees are lazy but they are nocturnal so they sit and look pretty in the day but will eat anything dead of extra food in the tank at night.

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