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I got a ton of chaeto that actually turned out to be more than my little aquafuge could fit so after leaving it in the fuge for a few days I decided to clean some out. I took it all out, swirled it around a bucket to clean the critters off, pulled off some other critters I saw, and then tossed about 90% of it. I left the bucket overnight to see if anything would start moving around so I could toss it back in the tank and found this odd little creature.


It's got a long body that can expand/lengthen and contract. It's clear with white dots so you can see it's brownish-red insides and it has several brownish-red tentacles with little feathers on them. It crawls around the glass or whatever else and when loose in the water column it just curls up as small as possible until it lands on something.


Picture 1


picture 2


If anyone can tell me why I cannot take good pics of anything under about 4" in size let me know. I've read picture taking faqs and changed the settings all around on the camera. Maybe I just need a different camera. It doesn't seem to handle bright light or render colors very accurately no matter what light settings I mess with.

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