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New Zoa


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i picked this rock up at the LFS for $60. They are blue with green skirt. The other polyps are like a brown almost black with orange, green, purple and blue mouth. They had some other rock that had some that looked like safecracker I think i'll go pick up that rock tomorrow.


What do you guys think?


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Thanks guys.

I will be seperating the two colors tonight and I'll make a few frags.

If you have something (nice zoanthids prefered lol) to trade we can do that too.

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i don't have much right now, very few polyps of anything.


let me know about the frags, I really only want 2 polyps =) I like watching them grow out.


THANKS!!! they're amazing zoas!!!

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When you seperate the colors tonight, make sure to get some closeups of the dark blues!!!! Those look gorgeous. I would be interested in a trade. I have some "radioactive dragon eyes", something like the "ring of fire" zoas, and some eagle eyes that I could frag right now.


PM me and let me know if you are interested.

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I am interested in some if you want to sell some, I do not have anything to offer but I would like a few of each. PM me if you are interested in selling some.

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I was able to get 5 frags of 3-5 polyps ea.

I'm going to give them a week to recover and I will get in touch with you guys.

Formerly MikeR.



Phil F.


That's enough about trading on this section I don't want to get yelled at by the mods. :P

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Me too JF?


like these ones?




i like the blue with green skirts.


I think I can find an extra frag for some of those. LOL

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