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One month 12 gallon aquapod....


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Here are two shots of my new 12 gallon aquapod that I set up in my babies nursery...





All lights on





Coments anyone? Suggestions.

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Right now just a bi-colored blenny. I am adding a clarki clown this weekend. That will be the basic fish load. Just the two. Wish I could think of a different fish besides the clown that would get along with the blenny. I like fire fish, but am afraid they would fight? Who knows....


Any suggestions!



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Any trouble with the bicolor blenny and the clown interacting together? I've heard that bicolors should really have more room than that, but if there's a shot at getting away with one in a 10 that's lightly stocked, I'll take the risk because I really love the personality of the fish.

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couple questions. do u have the stock lighting? 2x27w? just like cwby416 asked. do u have the stock pump in the last chamber? upgraded? to what? hows that rio 200 work? recommend for mine? wat do u have in all ur chambers?

srry for all the questions but i just want to no cuz i plan on setting my 12g aquapod somewhat like that.



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I put the MJ1200 in my last chamber and love the amount of flow, just need a y connector to dispurse the water out. it just fit in perfectly, no mod needed

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Thanks guys. I have even more rockwork and corals added to the tank since these pics. I also have added two saddleback clowns that were gifts to me from a buddy that tore down his system.


I still have the stock lighting. I am still running the stock pump. I swapped it out for a MJ1200 but it was WAY too much current. A 900 would be a tad better but if there was a way to split the current like the "Y" Suggestion, this would work better.....


I have chaeto and culupra in the first and second chamber. My heater is in the third...

I cut the black backing off the tank and placed a 6500k daylight bulb back there that comes on at night to keep the PH more stable.


As for the RIO, I ditched it. It raised my temp by 2 degrees.... As soon as I pulled it out, the tank dropped from 83 to 81. Now to replace the stock central pump to a MJ900 and that should drop it down even more from what Ike from Current states....


I will post pics of the new scapework this weekend.... Thanks again for the comments..


OH yeah the blenny is getting along great with the saddle's...



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Now to replace the stock central pump to a MJ900 and that should drop it down even more from what Ike from Current states....


That's exactly what I did. I got a 4 degree temp drop when I did - from 80 to 76.

Looking good btw!

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