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Why Why Why?


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Why did my peppermint shrimp yes its peppermint eat my small frag of hammer. anybody? help


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Because it's an evil shrimp which loves to torment humans. If it was bigger, it would eat you. :P


Seriously though, I've hear of them eating corals before. He was probably hungry.


It's also possible that your hammer wasn't doing so well, and the pep just finished it off. Only you would know.


How much lighting do you have over how many gallons?


Did you just get the coral? Shocked?


More info might help.

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Cause Peppermint Shrimps are Fing Insane They attack my hand at work but then again the are getting seperated from there buddies.

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yes could have been going down, 65watt 10,000k and 65 watt actint over 29g high 23l-23h-12w

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Are you sure you didnt get a camel shrimp? They have a similar pattern and coloration and often get mixed up. They are not reef safe so i would do some research on them to see if you got one mistakenly.


FWIW, i have 2 now with no problems at all (nock on wood).

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Did you see him doing it, or just catch him picking dead-ass fragments?


Either way, shrimp can get rough with coral flesh.

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yes watched him attack it and after shredding it after the lights went out can in and my green brittle was finishing of the leftovers.

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

my lfs like to sell camels as peps. evil funkers!


i'd keep an eye on the pep. mine ate some of my clove polyps.

if yours ate your hammer, he might go after your other corals

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