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Is reef keeping therapeutic for you?


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Lets not forget....reef tanks = chick magnets


similarly, spending all day on nr has always gotten me the ladies! :lol:

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For some odd reason I find myself becoming more stressed about my tanks rather than just seeing it as a hobby. It's such an obsession. I need to quit. :huh:

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Watching a tank is up there with sleeping to me. But until you love it you stress over it getting it stocked, once up and running with a schudle set times and everything working right its great.



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i suffer from MTS( multiple tank syndrome) the stress of keeping a reef tank is the relaxation for me. once its done i love to look at it but i'm always fussing over something. quite soothing.

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One Eyed Bunny

I've always been into watching stuff grow. Since I was only knee-high on my father I've helped him in our garden, or around the farm. I've always found raising plants to be very relaxing. The same can be said about reefing to me. I enjoy watching a tank develop and I enjoy nuturing each piece of coral or fish to its fullest.


Reefing, although it can be extremely stressful, is more rewarding than any other hobby I've ever had, and I've had quite a few and still do in my still very young beginning.

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Your avitar shows one way of relieving stress!


The best part if having the tank, when I see my son is looking at the fish and staring into the glass! Otherwise, research and taking care of it is something I enjoy doing. Keeps my mind working. I guess that's theraputic for me. I also love looking into the tank for new things that pop up every now and then. Sometimes I can actually feel my blood pressure drop when I stare long enough!

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Seems to me the hobby is basically small moments of relaxation and happiness peppered with worry (did I add the buffer to the topoff water? Where's that new crab?), with occasional moments of sheer panic (fish jumping out, tanks cracking, sumps overflowing, power outages...)

There's nothing like relaxing at the end of the day and watching a beautiful little piece of the ocean; I guess those moments of serenity are enough to make all the other stuff worthwhile.

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my cousin from out of town slept in my room and in the morning he told me that he woke up in the middle of the night to go pee like 6 times! lol

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i read on the internet that watching fish in a tank reduces stress and helps lower blood pressure. it does cost alot and can be stressfull at times but i like like like to sit rite in front of my 55g and 12g with my face up to the glass just looking at the rock and fish. yes i said ROCK. i dont have any coral in there so far but i like the fish and rock. and the fishes always hide wen i put my face up to the glass. one of them died once by my face. i dont get it :huh: jk just trying to have fun ;)

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As, frustrating and expensive as the hobby is, it's worth every minute and penny. Definately my outlet from a busy day.

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For me? Yes. As for my wife? Well, she just doesn't get it. She thinks I'm nuts for staring in my tank looking for something new. I found a serpent star today and called her to look at it. All she said was, "you make me get up for a tiny star fish?"

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i sometimes think of it as a world in which we have total control.

very different from the "real world."




although perception is reality...

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10" Red Devil

Its stressful as hell right now because Im keeping sps! Lol! But I put up with the stress because well I want to be able to say I have successfully kept SPS in 25 gallon (system volume) setup. I like the idea of going to what might be considered the pinnacle of the hobby and being successful. So ultimately it is worth it to be able to say, yes I have done SPS and yes I kept them successfully.

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