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I have really wanted a SW tank for a while. However, being in college I have no money or space. I have decided to go with a small tank of approximately 10g or so. Question is, What is the best tank to go with? What other equipment do you recommed?

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there are actually quite a few students on the board. a 10g is a good size, but before you get it, be sure to plan out where you're going to place the tank. a standard 10g is about 20 inches long and once filled will weigh about 100lbs (then add lights, rock, sand, powerheads etc). i kept a 10g freshwater-planted tank last year and it did okay on my desk (made things a little cramped).


are you planning on a reef-tank? or fish only? the cost of a coral stocked tank usually is a lot more for different reasons and seeing that you don't have much money.... well you decide.


keeping any animal as a "pet" requires lots of time, patience, research. research- good research will save you from buying 'bad-apple' products and avoid the sick cylce of upgrading 'ghetto' equipment. there is a "members" section which links a good number of tanks and most of them list their equipment. if you're looking for/at a particular item or brand, it's easy to do a quick search of the forums. another good way to absorb information is to just keep up with threads on topics that interest you. lurk. i personally like the nano-reef chat because i enjoy the quick-paced conversations and it's an easy way to get a bunch of people's different opinions and experiences at once. good luck with the tank!

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hey one question how much do you have to spend. i think the kind of tank is up to you as long as you dont get the ones from pet co. what is gona cost you money are the live rocks and the lighting system. tell us what you want to keep and if you want to make it reef or not. then we might be able to help you better.


just to let you know i am a college student also and i have a via aqua 20 gallon tank that i made it reef. together with my corals and rocks and what ever living in my tank i estimated to be around 500 dollars.


i have a power compact lighting system producing 144watts of light, two cleaner shrimps, one blood shirmp, one sabae clown, one emeral crab, one neon dotty back, one watchman goby, 2 spawn corals, one flower pot, one pulsing xenia that split so now two, and about 20-25 lb of live rock, 30lb of live sand a hang on proquatic filter (300gph), a aqua remora skimmer, and a tronic 100watt heater. this all add up to be about $500. of course i didnt get all this all at once, but over a period of few months. hope this helps. of course its always good to get to know the local fish store owners. without them i wouldnt of been able to get some major discounts and sometimes even free stuff from them. i hope this helps. tell us what you want to do with your tank and people on this bored will be mroe then willing to help, maybe with an exception of one, but dont get me wrong, he knows his stuff but just not very friendly. hope this helps

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If you don't have money.... DON'T GET A REEF.... it's not worth it... FOWLR or FO maybe... in your situation i would prolly go with a nice planted fw 10 gal.... oh well thats me....

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Im kinda leaning towards a small fish only right now. As it is less expensive. Any suggestions as to how many fish and what kind would be good to have in a small fish only? What kind of tank should i get?

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i go via aqua also. i own a 20 gallon via aqua tank that came with 72 watt of power comact lighting system. i added another lighting system to a total of 144 watts because the owner gave it to me for basically free. but anyhow..i go with via aqua tanks. clown fish can be good for fish only and a goby of some sort. hope this helps

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Remember Saltwater tanks take time and patience as well as cash flow..... Reefs in paticular. but I dont think your going that route. If its your first tank go with a nice freshwater and learn the tricks to the trade... just my advice

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I disagree. You want saltwater, get saltwater. Not point in "working up to saltwater" with something you don't want in the first place. Not much fun for you, and once you've "worked up to it," what the heck ya gonna do with the poor fish?


You can get an AGA tank for ~10-12. Maybe not as pretty as some of the others, but you're talking economy.

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phil121 said....

Im kinda leaning towards a small fish only right now.  As it is less expensive. NO NOT REALLY d00d.. YER LOOKING AT 500.00 STARTING COST. Any suggestions as to how many fish and what kind would be good to have in a small fish only?  What kind of tank should i get? LURK MORE/ READ OLD THREADS  


Take some Pro advice:


FIRST BOOK, then REsearch, then PLAN PLAN PLAN PLAN , (throw a little "save" in there) READ some more, the ASK QUESTIONS and then finally BUY.

LURK here and read some older threads spend time in beginners forum.... its designed for your questions to be answered there.



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