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feeding on vacation


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What is the best way to go about making sure my fish get fed while I'm on vacation? I'll be gone for about a week. I've seen the 7 day treasure chests or whatever but didn't know if they actualy worked...anyone used them? All I have right now is a pair of clowns. Thanks



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Fishmate 14, available at petsolutions.com and other fine online marine supply stores. German-made, reliable and reasonably priced at around $25. Small rotary design which feeds different varieties of dry food.

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since I feed frozen food, I have a (trusted) friend come over and feed and top off my tank every day. even if you have an automated feeding solution, you need to come up with an automatic top off system too (don't know if you already have this or not)

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Do you have an overflow? If so, those rotary auto feeders will work for all of 10 seconds until your floating flakes get sucked into your filter. You could get around this by placing one of those feeder "rings" that suction onto the tank directly under the feeder so the flakes get trapped until they sink.


Another idea:

Check out my FTS in the gallery - I made a feeder for the weekends since my 20 gallon is in my office. I fill it up with live brine and the fish can eat at their leisure.





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