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the_anti_honda's 24g


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Well guys this is my new tank and it happens to be a nano. I figured i started working at a new store so i might as well build something while im getting used to the place. So be gentle there is not much in the tank and it will be a work in progress as you will soon see.


Tank: 24g Aqua Pod


Lighting: Current USA SunPod 150watt HQI 14k


Filtration: Rio 1400 and 3/4 in. bulk head on 3/4 in. loc line w/3 flares.


Heating: Ebo Jager 50watt heater


Substrate: 20lbs oolitic grade live sand


LR: Who knows how many lbs of cooked various types


I set this up using Scripps and RO water.

Water parameters were checked 4 days after initial rock was added and read amonia: 0

nitrate: 0

nitrite: 0

Ca: 450

alk: 12 dkh

ph: 8.3

temp: 79.0

Specific gravity 1.026


Ok so on with the inhabitants and some pictures.



Pseudocheilinus hexataenia



Calcinus elegans

Paguristes cadenati

Cerithium sp.

Margarites pupillus

Nassarius sp




Acanthastrea echinata orange/green

Acanthastrea lord. green/red

Favia sp. red/green

Euphyllia Parancora

Turbinaria sp.






left side



head on



right angle



right side








Hope you enjoy and continue to do so on the rest of this project.

Also anyone looking to get rid of some of the harder to find LPS or low light SPS frags PM me.

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Yea I was back in the day, I have done easily 30 tanks since then of my own. This should be the last of my tanks for about 2 years so we will see how this one goes..

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awesome.are you going to put some shrimps in?


Original plan was to put alot of commensal cleaner shrimp. I can get my hands on some rare varietys as well as a few uncomon gobies. It seems now that the six line wrasse that was introduced maybe to early to keep flat worms non exsistent has become far far to agressive. I might look for some interesting filter feeding crabs. Any suggestions on live stock?

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  • 4 months later...







New pics of some of the stuff in the tank.


I ended up not taking it down. At the same time I didnt do anything to it either..

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Had some more time to take some really crappy pics







Favia sp.




Acropora Yongei




I will see if I can take a descent FTS tonight i reaquascaped the tank.


That Algy plaint "Grape carlupa or Toxic stuff will take over your tank, just watch that!!


I put that in on intial setup to eat up all excess nutrients since this tank is not skimmed at all. After it did what I think it needed I removed majority of it. I keep it in check by pruinging it weekly.


This tank is run off biological only and just a 70watt halide

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LOL the tank seriously looks like crap in my eyes. I can't take any descent pictures either cuz the camera I use sucks. Never listen to the guys at BestBuy for camera advice.

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New full tank shot. Sorry about the quality its the best I can do with what I have right now..


Let me know what you think of it. I added about 3 lbs more live rock.



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150watt upgrade and a few new additions from some friends.








good luck with that anemone, they are probably the hardest to keep.

what acros do i see there? green slimer? table acros?

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As far as SPS go

M. Capricornis brown w/ green polyps

M. Capricornis orange

M. Capricornis army green

M. Capricornis ugly brown

Seritopora Caliendrum brown w/ green tips

Seritopora Histrix pink w/ purple polyps

A. Yongei (green slimmer)

A. Nana ? green/ blue with blue tips


I really need to add some more.


I will try to get some good pics of each one some day.


And we will see how well the anemone does. It is the only thing I feed in the tank so at least its getting some attention.


Oh any suggestions on a good nano sized skimmer? I don't think the Tunze will do what I want. Any word on the new Deltec?

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first batches of deltecs coming out end of this month. (25 units) i already reserved mine. the next batch comes december. if you want you can buy my Coralife Super Skimmer for $60, used only for a monthish~

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Yea I can pick that up off you. I have to see what kind of schedule is going on. How would you rate that compared to your Aqua C? Dosn't look like you where getting much skimmate from the remora. Anything improve with it?

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Yea I can pick that up off you. I have to see what kind of schedule is going on. How would you rate that compared to your Aqua C? Dosn't look like you where getting much skimmate from the remora. Anything improve with it?


im assuming this was to me.

I like the CSS better than the Aqua C, problem is i does stuff in my tank and 24 gallons isn't stable enough for the CSS, so i currently run the remora.

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