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Colt coral frag attachment


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I got a huge colt coral today. It would have been the size of my intire tank if i didnt frag it. I cut it up into 6 soft ball sized pieces. It was HUGE. Now i dont kow what to do tho. I got some of it wedged between live rock. Where it was cut might be but im not sure if its touching anything. Will this be fine or should i be glueing it to my live rock somehow. Its all open where it is but its kinda just wedged int some live rock not actually attached at all. Let me know if this is ok. Thanks.


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From what I know colt coral like the Kenya Tree Coral actually frags itself. When they get large part of it falls off and that part drifts around attaches to rock and become a new one. So I think it will be fine and will attach it self as long as its touching something, and this will happen over and over again as they age and grow bigger.

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There is no way to glue a colt frag. They slime too much. You could try rubber banding them to a piece of LR for a few days. Not too tight though.

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