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Fission Nano Skimmer 'Fix'


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I purchased my nano-skimmer a couple of days ago, and it's seems to be doing fairly well . . only getting a just a small bit of greenish brown gunk to be caught in the rim . . . probably needs further adjustment.


I found out after purchasing this skimmer at my LFS here in Houston, TX that the skimmer can't be stacked with the provided pump as show in the instructions. I went back to the Village Fish shop on S.Shepherd and they gave me 2" in length of 1/2" (or 3/8"?) hose that fits snuggly in-line connecting the vertical sections of the u-shapped plastic pipes. Use a couple of zip ties to finish off this modification. With out this extension, there isn't enough length to do the stacking. A Very simple fix, but I would do this if you wish to put in the center chamber of a 12/24 gallon JBJ nano cube as I wish to. Right now, it's in the tank itself while I figure out the optimum water height setting.

It's not much of a hassle, but it does detract from what is a pretty slick product . . .


Also, the cassette mod seems to be a natural for this product . . as it does jealously hold the water leve . . . JBJ has a new 'cassette mod' as well!


Incidently, can any post the link to the 'super thread' on this skimmer? I'm having a tough time locating it using the search function . . ..

thanks again!

Mark F. Sanderson

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