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70 or 150 over a 20L?


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Okay, so here is the deal. As I post this one of my friends is dropping off a 20L fo my 2 Leopard Gecko's. They really need some more space and he was selling his tank cheap. Score.


So now Im thinking one of thoes cheap wrought iron stands fits 2 - 20Ls, right? and Ive already decided to get one for the Geckos. Add the fact I have been itching to get into MH. And you have room for tank 3.


So my thought is a simple BB SPS and maybee a clam. Retro lights. Im looking for an opporunity to keep learning about reefkeeping skills that arent demanded by my other tanks like dosing and tighter temp and salinity control and I think this might be a good oportunity.


I currently run a 12ncdx and a 40 breeder, both with PCs and my biggest question this early in the planing is...


Would you do a 70w or 150w over this thing? I am worried about heat, and people say you can keep anything under a 70w, so whats up?


Sorry about the long post. Hopefull this will be the first tank I set up with the assistance of this community. I really like you guys. It might take a minuate but Im really hoping I can make a go of it.

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What kind of heat am I gonna be loking at from the 150?

Quite a bit or a manageable amount?

Will I have to install a fan on the stand?

How much heat will be trapped above the tank, being directly under glass and crushed walnut gecko substrate? Will this trap heat and prevent it from dissapating?


these are my concerns about the 150. but with no MH experience, I dont know how valid the concerns are. I just know that the bulbs supposedly run hot, esp DE.

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Is the tank going on the top or bottom?


If you're planning on a clam and SPS, I'd go with the 150w.


Most MH coverage is reccomended for 24"x24", however.


Heat can be come an issue, but it seems that it varies from situation to situation.

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BTA is under 192 PC in a 40gal


Jmt, geckos on top reef on bottom, yeah I think it will be a 150. I have a feeling this project is goona tank a while to get rolling. Still need the stand, but looking at a 20l eveyday is now filling my head with fun/crazy ideas.

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what bulb you running in at clamp-on?


That's the stock bulb that comes with the fixture. Its a Coralife 14k. I think the next bulb will be an XM 20k...I miss the blue.

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