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65watt PC for 20 gallon regular


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I have a 65 watt Coralife with a 50/50 bulb and adjustable mounting legs. I plan on getting a 20 gallon tank that is 24" long which is a perfect fit as the light is 24" as well. This should be enough for most soft corals, and LPS's as well correct? This was what my budget allowed for and a I had talked to some one who said it would be sufficient. If not would it be a good idea to just get a 10 gallon tank since you would be getting more light to less surface area. Thanks

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the 24" long 20 gallon is called a 20H. as far as what corals you can keep you are pretty much right. you would have to keep the lps near the top and might want to choose lower light varieties. a 10 gallon would give you more light and may allow you to keep more, but the 20H will be twice as stable(since it sounds like this is your first tank).


btw, im setting up my 20H with a single 65watt light

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Thanks, I hoped it would be enough. I thought the 20 gal. would be better for water stability as well since I using natural filtration method like is described in the info area on this site.

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