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Not really a refugium question...


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What is a good macroalgae to keep in the main tank? Obviously cheato is out of the question. I'm looking for something that is 1. visually appealling, 2. has good nutrient export (having an algae prob), and 3. easy to keep growth under control (don't mind pruning). Also needs to thrive under 50/50 lighting. Tank specs.


--10 gallon CFL acryl.


--HOB Aquaclear 150 (LR rubble, LS, carbon and phosguard)


--Small Rio PH


--96 W Powerquad 50/50 (its the corallife bulb, not sure if the white is 6700K or 10000K, I know it probably makes a difference.)


--15 lbs. Figi LR, 10-15 lbs. LS


--torch coral, mushies, zoos, favia


Any suggestions are appreciated.



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