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How many Yellow Tangs Can I fit in a 5.5?


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Thanks for the info guys...."ban" whats up with that? I love this site! just havin a little fun!!!

lol...there is no need to ban for asking a question.lol.i have been wanting 2 adult emperors in a 20g.

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Why didn't I unsubcribe from this thread when I posted? Apparently you can still find something funny even after 80,000 other people have said the exact same thing, even in THIS VERY THREAD.



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Dude check out my 5.5 gal tang tank!!! Bet u havent seen that 80,000 times on this thread!!!

HAHA, thats the worst photoshopped image i EVER seen in my life...


first, there not the right size, second, its too light, you gotta darken it down to match the rest, then blur it a little

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