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24Watt 50/50 more light than a 2 12 Watts (1 actinic/1 10k?


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1. I was at my LFS the other day and they had a nice 12 gallon JBJ nano-cube set up with a 24 watt 50/50 compact flourescent. They had frogspawn(very hight up close to light) bubble corral and a bunch of others...growing like crazy. I have a 12 gallon cube from cube masters (big mistake). It has 2 12 watt bulbs, one 50/50, the other actinic. I was told that their 24 watt light puts out much more than what I have. This doen't make sense to me but they were also trying to sell me the nano-cube. Is this generally true? Someone please shed some light on the subject. Thaks


2. I have been having trouble retrofitting because it is only 13 inches across and I don't have any fans. Any suggestions?

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