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Free cleaing crew


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Aquatic Island is offering free cleaning crews to new customers, so I picked up one. The kit consists of:


20 Nassarius

5 red tipped hermets

5 Cerith

2 Margaritas


I also bought an extra 10 Cerith at $0.29 each. I just had to pay a box charge and priority shipping, totalled about $20 altogether. Can't beat that. They arrived today (they were shipped Wednesday) in a styrofoam lined box and heat pad that was still warm. Here's the link if anyone is interested:




Anyway, the bags didn't come with water, just wet paper towels so what's the best way to acclimate these babies? I have been doing drip, but with the low amount of water in the bags I'm not sure if that would work.

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Well, since I didn't get any replies, I figured I'd just post what I did to acclimate them. Just did the old float the bag in the water for an hour or so trick, and everyone seemed to make it just fine.

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