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How to dispose of a sick fish?  

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  1. 1. What do you do when hes about to kick the bucket?

    • Porcelain Express (flush him alive)
    • Cut his spinal chord near his head
    • Bury him alive
    • FW bath till he dies
    • Add a chemical in a bag where he will die
    • OTHER

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Just curious what you guys do...i give a FW bath to really sick fish, that are on their way to the trash can because they are not moving! i just recently read a book that gave different ways to dispose of sick fish...and i was woundering what you guys do!

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In the freezer in a bowl of tank water. As a fish's temperature drops, so does their metabolism. They feel no pain, just slow down until they stop.

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This is a really funny thread, because yesterday we "had" to put a fish down. We have a 12g eclipse in my living room. This housed 1 crappy "tropical" FW fish. This is by far the most neglected tank in the house, since its the only FW tank an everyone hates it. We decided we would starve the fish to death and stop doing all water changes. This way, the fish dies and we get to set up another SW tank. Anyway, 1 month later, the damn fish is still alive... We get really impatient and decide that the stupid FW fish must die. We put it into a plastic cup full of water, then placed this cup outside sitting in a flower pot with a little gasoline in it. We then shot a roman candle at the pot of gas with the fish cup in it... anyway a bad A$$ end for a dumb A$$ fish. Another plus is that the 12g is ready for salt!

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