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Cultivated Reef

Good Bye Skimmer!!


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no no no..not another one of these skimmer post..


i just wanted to share that i will be replacing my skimmer with a aquafuge hang on refugium and grow mangroves to remove nitrates and phosphates, and other stuff that i didnt mention ;)


after months of research..i am confident enough that it would be the best for my tank...


anybody wanna buy a prizm skimmer ;)

email me mike@reefseven.com

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tell me if i am wrong, but isnt the mangroves hard to keep alive in a tank?i think i heard someone said something about that somewhere, but if i am worng please correct me.

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well, if you succesful in keeping corals..mangroves shouldnt be a problem ;)


i plan to raise my halide a little bit for the mangrove..i might just have 1 in there..

once i get that started i will keep you guys updated..

i am excited on figuring out how effective they are compared to skimmers..


and the skimmer...

ill let the new deluxe skimmer go for 60..obo

the old one for 40....

i cant sell both, because i plan to keep at least 1 of them, just in case ;)


thank you

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Mangroves will not remove DOCs from your tank. It is impossible for them to transport any organic molecule across the root membrane. Anyone know if there are associated bacteria or others that will inhabit the root structure to convert organic wastes into inorganic molecules that the mangroves can use?

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