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New 29g Stocking? ORBIT Moonlights 130 Watts ok for a 29? DIY SUMP ?


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Hi! I'm Kimberly from NE Florida.


I am not new to SW reef keeping, but new to smaller SW reef keeping. I just bought ORBIT/ MOONLIGHT 30" FIXTURE 2x65 watt *130 Watts Total for the 29g I have cycling. I do not have a wet dry or a sump (which I had on the larger tanks previously) but want to DIY ... once I got to looking at everything I'm so worried about the wrong return or pressure and a flood etc... anyone know how to help? I was thinking about using a 10g for the sump for the skimmer and heater. I have no idea what size pump either.


Would it be easier to just buy a Wet Dry and remove the bio balls and add my LR rubble and go from there? Or can I do it easily with the 10g? ...or a regular large HOB with rubble and no carbon?


With the lighting I have bought what are my limits? ORBIT/ MOONLIGHT 30" FIXTURE 2x65 watt *130 Watts Total... I have just at 4.5 wpg. I have kept lower light stuff before, button polyps, ricordea, zoo's, shrooms, but in a larger tank and only NO lighting, what can I swing in this size tank?


I'm looking at a pair of percs, a purple firefish, a yellow clown goby and a pearly headed jawfish, cleaner shrimp, clean up crew when we are up and running, adding the clowns last...


40 pounds LR, 25 pounds LS... do I need more sand?


Anything I need to know?


Thanks! :)


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sound like a great setup so far. if you keep up with matainence a sump shouldn't be necessary. if you want one i'd use a MAG 9.5 return. drill your tank with 4 holes. 2 returns 2 overflows. 3/4" each. if you don't want to go the sump way two maxi 1200's would do perfect. softies would be fine with your lighting. (xenia, leather, rics, shrooms, zoo, gsp) get some egg crate on top for your firefish, make sure he doesn't so carpet surfing.


WELCOME to NR and good luck. keep us posted

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