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A few lighting questions


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Alright i want to upgrade with a diy on my 10g due to limited funds and i just bought the light i have on it now. I currently have 80w of pc(50/50) lighting but i dont think this is enough for a few of my corals. I would like to upgrade. Today i was in home depot and they had a few lights i was looking at.

1. Compressed sulpher light or something like that not sure of the exact name. It was 150watts. Is this the same as metal halide??

2. Halogine(sp) had a 300w outdoor light. Its was 2400 kelvines.

3. Incodescent(sp) 40watts. Not sure of kelvines didnt say on box.

4. Compact florecent screw in bulbs. The ones that go in the regular medium sized screw in sockets. 24 watts but says its the same output as a 60watt normal light.

Which of these will work and which will not. Im looking for good coral growth. Thanks for the help.


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6500k lights of america screw in, they generate alot of heat though, IF I were you save up for a 70w MH you can find them used for about 100

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1. Compressed sulpher light - probably a high pressure sodium light - no good for corals, emits a very poor spectrum. Characteristic orange color of most streetlights.


2. Halogen - 2400K is too red/yellow, you'll have nothing but algae problems with that light


3. Same as halogen, just much less intense.


4. Screw In compact fluorescents. Seen them used quite a bit. Try to find some that are 6500K - I know Philips makes some, and calls them "daylight" bulbs. I'd recommend them as a cheap lighting source that doesn't completely suck.

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