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Detaching Zoos


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Is it possible to safely peel zoos off of a piece of rock? It seems to be attached at certain points but I don't want to cause a rupture in the zoos. Then I want to reattach them somewhere else.


Any experience with this?

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If you can get a screwdriver or something under the mat try and pry them off. Once you get one corner off it is gets much easier to filet the mat off the rock.

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Its possible but very dangerous. I had a friend do this to several of his colonies. He got many frags but in the process stirred up enough toxin out of the zoas to pollute his tank. Not only did it stress and kill some corals (SPS) but he got some in a cut he had further up on his arm. He became violently ill for several days and his entire arm broke out in a very bad rash/red marks.


I'd strongly recommend just breaking up the rock the zoas are on to create frags. It is much safer and easier as well.

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