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color of silicone


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any long term experiences with either clear or black silicone caulk becoming encrusted with coraline and other algaes? i had clear silicone in my old freshwater tank and after time it became uncleanable with green algae and looked none to good. it appears black may be of a better choice for the above reasons with salt water tanks. especially reefs with the intense lighting. i am considering a 30 gallon oceanic cube that uses black silicone at its corners.

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If you're concerned about silicone discoloring, consider what they call "radius-corner" tanks. They have seamless front and side panels made of bent glass so the only silicone used is at the back corners and the bottom seal. I got mine from 4fishtank.com. Costs more than a regular siliconed tank ($100 for a 14g bowfront), but it more than makes up for the price difference in appearance.


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I think the black silicone is a matter pf preference...I like it personally. My 20L has black silicone and it adds something to the tank. I have never had a problem with coraline on the silicone...it comes off.



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sorry this is an old post but, where can i get black silicone?


i ordered mine online from a dealer. its "AGA" brand and its the same used by aquarium manufacturers. if using silicone to bond glass together do not use the "GE brand silicon 2" it does not have the shear strength of the aga type (strong vinegar like smell) (acetic acid) see my earlier post: see last post on this page



]black silicone dealer

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