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What are those?


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My tanks is starting.. I got too high phosphate (see my other post in this section) and only my sand and live rock in it.


what are those? I got about 3-4 of them in the tank:




I also have this:




Any clue?




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The top 2 are aptaisa, small anemones. If you let them reproduce to much (which is easy to do) they can become a pest by stinging corals or other life in your tank. I would get rid of them if I were you, feed them a squirt of lemon juice from a syringe and they should die or when your tank is ready you could introduce a peppermint shrimp to eat them (this doesn't always work, sometimes they completely ignore them but it has worked for me).


The bottom 2 look similar to aptasia but I don't know what they are, they might be glass anemones.

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