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Some pics of my 24NC


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Hey NanoBob


What are your Asterina stars eating? I had some tiny star hitchhikers in my last nano and they ate coralline algae like crazy, but not the normal purple & pink colors. I had some really nice colors, like deep red, orange & lime green coralline on my rocks and the crazy little stars chewed it all off, every last drop. :angry: You could see little clean patches around every little star on the rocks. Once they ate all the coralline that they liked, they just disappeared, never to be seen again.


I like your Ricordia, they are sweet. I just got a rock with a few just like yours from someone I work with.



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To be honest I don't know what the star eats, I just found it yesterday. In doing a little research I found out they will eat most algae, but usually will just eat surface scum. You must of had one that was very hungry!!

Thanks for the ricordia comment, I just picked that polyp up last night. Hopefully it stays around longer than the others I have tried. For some reason Rics don't like my tank. They seem to be my Achelies heal (sp?)



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