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Green Open Brain sick?


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I got a green open brain saturday night and acclimated it slowly to my tank. I noticed this last night and was wondering if this is ok. Basically, when the lights go out in my tank at night the brain closes up really tight and the tenticales come out like they should, but I noticed this white thing sticking out in 3 places. This is the largest one that is sticking out and is maybe 1/2cm to 1cm long.


Durring the day it does not close up at all, it puffs out, but is deflated a bit. Should I be concerened? He accepts food readily and my water parameters are:

Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 10-15ish

Ph: 8.4

Temp: 78




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mushroom head

Looks like some broken pieces of the skeleton,mine had a few broken pieces that were just haning on by a thread,they evantually just fell off and my brain just grew over it and was fine.

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ok thanks. Im running the stock lighting from the 24g NC but I'm in the process of finding the funds to upgrade to 4X36 from nanocustoms.com. My nitrates are slowly lowering too.

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