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1 gallon tank


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Is 7 watts of PC lighting enough for low light corals? The tank is 1 gallon.

yes, definatly enough, good for zoas, shrooms, and most other softies, i stay stick with zoos and shroooms though...... :happy:

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Whoa serious false advertising! The package said 100watt, (but until you got the bulb out and read the fine print) it's actually a 23w. I didnt think it looked 100w, but it is bright. It's just temporary to get my macro growing, but it actually has no heat issues and everything else is doing fine with it. My pico page is outdated by the way.

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they probably meant 100 watts of incandescent lighting, a lot of boxes at hardware stores do this to make it look like it is a lot of wattage.

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I used to run a 10W 50/50 PC over my 1.6. Then, I noticed that all of my corals were stretching for light. I'd recommend upgrading to a 20W fixture if you could.


just my 2¢

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