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1st Timer questions


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Hi Guys.


I've been reading your posts all week. Very interesting. I got a 5 gallon tank last weekend. I went and chatted with the LFS, and he sold me crushed coral, one piece of LR, and water from an established tank. Of course, all the water test readings are in the safe zone. My question was does this by-pass the 'cycling' process?! I just wanted to make sure before I stocked. I want to do this with no loss of Marine life. ;) Any comments or tips welcome.


P.s. Glad to be among the helpful (And will add pics soon) :D


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Hi there, congratz! I'm no expert but your tank seems to complete the cycle way too fast... I am running the cycle now and expect it to be as long as 3 weeks.


You can always add an extremely hardy fish in there this weekend (oh I'm gonna be so flame for suggesting this, lol).


You intend to keep corals?


Yes show us your tank!

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Hi Jervismun,


Thanks for your reply. I wasn't sure since the water (and LR) was from an established tank if the cycling process was already done? Although the crushed coral, for the bottom of the tank, is from a bag. Was your water from an established tank? About the corals. I would eventually like to venture into coral keeping. Any 'hardy' types of coral for a new guy?

- Shadoe

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Get rid of the crushed coral and get put 1" of sand in the bottome (Arga-Live is good). Search this board for "crushed coral" and you'll find that it's not an accepted subtrate for a reef aquarium. Your LFS person is a LFS person. Always double check what they tell you.

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Thanks Natrate,


I did as you said and searched on Crushed Corals. I didn't realize how big a problem that can be. Now that takes me to yet another question. :mellow: Can I put the live sand on top of my crushed coral? The reason I ask is I have already put the crushed coral in my tank. If I do remove it, and add the sand, will this affect the water quality at all? I do agree sand is much more natural than crushed coral.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Shadoe ;)

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drain the water into a bucket with your LR, get the coral out, put the sand in, put a plastic bag over the sand, fill with water, take plastic bag out, put LR back in, if your rock and water came from an established tank you might not see a cycle at all, but without a fish creating waste you might lose some of your bacteria, I say wait a week then test it .

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Thanks Shag.


That sounds like a plan. I will go to the LFS today and get some live sand.:D I might as well do that now, at the start. Do I need to add a fish after a couple of days or give it the full week just in case?


Thanks -Shadoe

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I really cant answer that, theres much debate about when to add a fish, I would wait for the fish and maybe add a few snails and hermits, BTW if you have the rock and water out of the tank for a while make sure you add a powerhead in the bucket

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I don't know if anyone is still reading this post. Here's a question any way. I have read on this site, that crushed coral wouldn't be a problem for a 5 gal. I'm not saying anyone is wrong, but I just want to make sure before I go through the expense of buying live sand to replace the Crushed Coral. Sand is pretttier though. Would it effect the tank to put a small layer of sand above the crushed coral?

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Yes it will, you dont want to mix it, you want all "fine grade" I would suggest fiji pink arag-alive. The sand will be youre main "bio-filter" you dont want to mix it with the coarse grain, crushed coral. it will defeat the purpose. trust me, do it right. you wont regret it in the future.


id get this fiji pink, if it were me.




good luck, Mike

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Thanks Mike.


I'm off to the LFS. I'll switch the Crushed Coral to Live Sand. Would it be safe to add a Hermit or snail? The water levels are fine and water a LR are from establish tank. Will I get a spike when I put LS in?

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yeah, wait, take youre time, and make sure you test before you put anything in, even tho it is from an established tank. Altho, you'll probably have to wait less time! but.... remember, you gotta be patient, or you will fail... its tuf, but we all learned the hard way. keep reading, and be patient. have fun.



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