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what would happen if i put my remora on my 2 gallon


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i have decided i'm moving my tank away from my desktop, and conveniently enough, the spot i'm moving it to has tons of room in the back.


i still have my remora kicking around waiting to go onto ebay, but was thinking i may try throwing it on the back of my tank, as i have a very high bioload in the tank anyways.


tank specs:

2 gallon aga

5.5 lbs premium, mature LR

whisper 90 gph HOB with carbon and LR rubble


12'' jbj 2X18watt PC, (1) actinic and (1) 10K




i am concerned that the flow will bother my rock with 16 mushrooms on it. i already have the 90gph of the whisper, but that doesn't seem to make the mushrooms move at all anyways.


coudl i power the remora with an underpowered pump, or woudl that make it useless?

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