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Pirate's Reef

Pirate's Reef

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Pirate's Reef

I am setting up a large reef system and currently waiting on a number of components to come in. So, to satisfy the urge to get a reef back up and going in my house (since I lost three of them in Hurricane Rita) I decided to build a nano to pass the time. Nothing like starting a project in the middle of another project. I am new to the nano world, but always wanted one - so here goes.


Thought I would make this one from scratch. It's about 7.5 gallons and is 20" x 9" x 10". I still have to make the cabinet and that is in the planning stages. The tank will be only viewable front the front glass. I plan to have a sump, a fresh water top off system and a closed loop for more flow. I know, it's excessive, but just wanted to do it for fun. I am sure it will evolve into something more than I planned for in the near future. :)



The silicone is still wet on it right now, but I will be posting pics of it as it progresses.


Day one -


Drilled holes in glass panels for drain, returns and closed loop (5 holes in all). Siliconed 1/4" glass panels together. Ordered Uniseals, 2 pumps and a Coralife 96 watt light fixture. Begin waiting...









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tank looks really good right now!


what are you planning to add, Livestock wise.


And what lighting are you planning to add

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