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Ice Probe Chiller Question / Flow-Throuhg Chiller Question


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Hi, I have a question about the water flow through my chiller.

Ihave the Ice Probe Chiller and there proportional temprature controler.


I have read that the flow should be low so Ibought the Mini-Jet 404 pump.

Its rated at 25 - 106 GPH and at the 12" lift I'll be useing its good for about 23 - 85 GPH.


I suspect the answer to my question of best flow rate is dependant on these variables:


Ice Probe will be behind the tank in a water jacket

24 Gal tank (Nano Cube 24)

22.5 Watts Total heat input from my 3 pumps

Stock lighting / 72 watts ( Will go to 132 watts soon as the chiller up and running)

Stock twin fans in the Nano Hood




Thanks for your time,

Just wondering if I should use 23 or 85 GPH ?

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