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Live rock + cold = ?


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Hey everybody -

Got my (cured) live rock yesterday, and it's awesome, but I'm a little concerned about it, because it was SO COLD yesterday (four below zero), and despite the heat packs and good packaging, I know that it got colder than it should have (perhaps MUCH colder) because it was on the cold UPS delivery truck for half a day.


So I'm hoping that I don't have 25 pounds of dead rock. Hopefully I'll just get more dieoff than I would have if the conditions had been more favorable, and maybe a prolonged cycle. If anybody could let me know what they think, I'd really appreciate it. Hope I'm just overreacting! fingerscrossed


Thanks in advance!




PS This rock went into my new 20g that I'm starting, so no matter what, it's not going to wreak havoc on an established system!

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Well no matter what, your still going to have die off during shipping. You will still have to cycle the rock. You can't buy rock have it shipped and think that it will still be completly cure. Not trying to sound mean or anything but your rock should be fine.

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Thank you for the quick reply, blooper - you didn't sound mean at all I'm very happy to hear that you think the rock will be ok.


I was/am definitely expecting dieoff from shipping, and that it will still have to cycle. I was just concerned that the beneficial bacteria could have been killed by the cold.




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I had a box of rock sent from a friend that was not heat packed and it was delayed by 3 days a couple years ago. Everything was ok in the end, The temp was 8 degrees for 5 days during the shipping. The rock never froze but it was really damn cold. Maybe I just got lucky.

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LR + cold = cold LR


What? Not helpful?


The bacteria wouldn't have been killed unless the water froze. They would, however, have gone dormant until the temperature was back up to normal. Don't underestimate the tenacity of bacteria.....

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