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Using old dried and cleaned live rock as base?


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I have about 15-20lbs live rock from an invert and fish only tank i had a few years ago. I had scrubbed as much of the life off of it and dried it. Its been stored in a dry dark place for about 2 yrs maybe a little more. I'm thinking I can use it as base and just seed it with a few lbs of good quality live rock on-top. Will this take alot more time for the tank to cycle? Will I have to wait longer before adding corals? It will save me alot of money ,but I know the coraline algae and other life will take time to grow on the other rock. Im a patient person [ being on a very very budget for the project it will be worth the wait.


Marine Boy :D

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Yes, you can use this as base & seed it with LR, you will just need a few pieces of LR. You can use a cocktail shrimp from the grocery store to cycle the tank....

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no it shouldnt if you use max water flow. i used 900 gph in a 25gal. for two weeks, although it cured in FOUR days i kept it longer im also on a budget. my amonia shot to 8 over night, 75% h20 change and its been fine ever since appx. 2.5 mo. now and growin coral on rock. addatives will help you tremendously if you fallow directions x's 2 for one month. (1 tsp. week,use 2) i use calcium,strontium,molybdenum,iodine,essential elements,iron and magneese.

best of luck and be patient it will happen.

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