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Help plz

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Will I just got done mixing my water for my 10g.

And I will be getting the live rock tomorrow.

But I got some questions.

Is all the little bubbles in the tank normal

and what do I put in first the rock or the sand?

How do I seed sand bed should I put the live sand on top the nonliving sand or vice versa.

And how long should I run the lights.

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Bubbles - give it time it will go away


Placement - I would put the rocks in first and then sand.  It's a preference but if you get things that dig then the rocks don't shift then your aquascaping comes tumbling down.


LS - I would put the regular sand in first and put the live sand on top.  You don't want to bury the good stuff.  Most of it would probabley find its way out though.  You could put it on top and then use a rod or your fingers to turn it over a bit.  That would help it mix.


Lights - it depends, I would start around 10 hours a day and adjust.  You will hear differently from different people.  It isn't as big of deal during the cycle.  

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I know it souds corny, but there is no such thing as a stupid question! -seriously! what may seem elementry to some is ground breaking to another! :)

my thoughts: 1)sand first then rock (that way your rock doesn't get completely covered in sand). 2)I say if you have a lot of live sand, mix the LS with the non-living... If you have very little live sand, put the live sand on top... 3) Lights 10-12 hrs... No need to run them this long until you actually get something in the tank... 6-8 hrs?-with nothing in tank...

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Inland Aquatics recommends making a pile out of the live sand, then spreading the dead sand around it.  This way, if there's anaerobic bacteria in the live sand, part of it will be in the anaerobic zone and start doing its work right away.


I'd keep the lights off during the cycle to avoid algae, since you're going to have lots of nutrients no matter how many water changes you do. ;)  Good luck!

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i'd also recommend putting the sand in first, just because if you use fine sand it clouds up the water an insane amount and the particles will settle on your rock and coat it very thoroughly which will probably kill some of the life that requires light and oxygen.  i would put the sand in and let it settle out for atleast a few days before adding the live rock.  if you want to use the sand as support for your rock structure, you can just push it down into the sand as you're placing it.

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