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got my new bulb today


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looking good, i dont like anenome (they should be in the ocean) but hey... looks like your off to a great start.

why dont you all like anemones?

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the tank is looking pretty cool nice job, i have the 96w quad too and i like it. i also have an anemone not by choice it was a hitchiker.

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just for starters


If you are considering keeping anemones, please make an educated and responsible

decision about purchasing them. They are not easy to keep, and are considered

moderately to extremely difficult invertebrates to maintain in captive systems for long

periods of time. All hosting anemones require established and stable tanks. Some

require larger systems. Start by reading as much as possible about the care and

requirements of anemones


What light conditions do anemones need?

Anemones are shallow water, photosynthetic tropical inverts. They all require bright

lighting in order to thrive. A few species (E. quadricolor and S. haddoni) will thrive

under bright VHO fluorescent lighting, but for the most part all other species require very

bright lighting that includes metal halides.



You should know the natural coloration of the species of anemone you are interested in. Look for an anemone that is vibrantly colored, not faded or pale. Make sure it is not dyed or “bleached”; both conditions are often deadly for the anemone and will require specialized care to fix.

Healthy clown anemones are all photosynthetic creatures, and zooxanthellae is brown in color, so there is no such thing as a healthy white anemone. The absence of zooxanthellae is called bleaching, and can be caused by stress to the anemone, or lack of suitable lighting. Bleached anemones exhibit whitish translucent tentacles and often hide from light. A bleached anemone will require specialized care until it can grow its zooxanthellae back – a process which will take 3 months or longer even in the best conditions.

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