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tell me what you guys think


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have just recently transfered my 28g reef to my 90g reef tell me what you think, be honest good or bad i would like to hear suggestions and or compliments! Thanks


before (in 28 about 4 months ago)



now 90g










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90 AGA tank

8 x 65w pc 6 10k 2 actinic with 8 LED moonlights

30g refugium (DIY HOB) well it sits on shelf behind tank because 30g is to much for HOB

modded sea-clone 150 (works better than my remora or turbo floater)

150lbs live rock

120lbs live sand (arag-alive)

SG 1.025

temp 81.5-82.5

ph 8.4

calc 440

phosphate 0

amonia 0

nitrite 0

nitrate 0


many type zoas

many type shrooms

yellow polyps

button polyps

3 open brains

6.5" crocea raised from 2"

x-mas tree worm colony in porites

finger leather





toadstool leather

gold stripe maroon

royal gramma

2 yellow tangs


purple firefish


im sure i forgot tons just tried to pull off the top off my head as much as i could.

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Your 90g Looks good but you had algae in your 28 was that from your bio-load?


What did you do before transferring everything over to your 90g as far as the algae goes.... Did you just scrub it off your rock....


The reason I ask is because if you did, you may have another outbreak.... I would hate to see that happen with all your corals.


I like the darker substrate over white & you did a good job with your rock ......

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the algae bloom was caused by my chaeto in my fuge growing to much to the pint where it was out of the water at the surface and was dieing off, i just trimmed it back did a few water changes and the algae slowly dimineshed, i did remove some manually at first to give it a head start but i just pulled at places where it was bad did not scrub. the hair algae had been gone for about 2 or 3 solid months before i transfered.

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Oh good, I was thinking what a pain in the %$# that will be if you get an outbreak with all those corals.... LOL



Is your 90g Pre-drilled? I have the AGA 90g pre-drilled with the over flows and it is great.... I have had that one set up 7 years or so with no problems yet....

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the orange starfish you are speaking of is not hard to care for i hear they dont acclimate well so drip acclimate them slowly. i have had mine about 10 months


just thought i would add a couple actinic shots that i just took. I took two pics and then the lights went out (bed time for corals)





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