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Micro-Reefs Aquariums

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Micro-Reefs Aquariums

Aquadirect ???

Anyone purchase anything from this online LFS??? I ordered an airdryer from RedSea on 2-6-06 and it hasn't arrived.


I'm in California and they are based in WA, I placed several other orders for my Ozone setup from Fl and all that stuff has arrived.


I call them and I get a automated machine that says all lines are busy no matter which one I pick; sales, customer support, orders.


I'm beginning to get a bad feeling about these guys???


Help !!!!


Mike G



Searching for some more clues on aquadirect I found this on another board:


AquaDirect - Worst Experience Ever




I purchased 4 stage RO/DI (Barracuda 4-Stage RO/DI System ) from AquaDirect (5/13/2004) and the experience has been the worst online experience I have ever had. After placing the about 4 days went by with no type of communication other than the normal order processed email you get when you place an order. I finally called and left 3 messages and over a period of 3 days. Then I sent an email on day 8 threatening to cancel my order. Then I received a response ( imagine that) I found out they do not actually carry the RO/DI units and actually place an order with the particular company. Finally about 2 weeks later I receive the unit ... time to make clean water. Oh, but wait the in line TDS meter advertisted is not in the box. I call the company directly (Aqua Fx) and they promised to get the issue resolved. Customer service at AquaDirect is no good and only seem to return calls when you threaten to cancel an order or call the sales line insted of the issues line ( that goes straight to voicemail) . So here it is 6/15/2004 and I have yet to recieve the inline TDS meter. Finally sent a nasty gram to them threatening to report them to the BBB and amazingly my meter is now sheduled to ship out tomorrow . Save yourself some stress and headache and avoid this company.




- Thanks Henry


Here is the link:




Can someone else come please chime in; lets help each other here !!!!





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Well I can't chime in with much help other than a thank you for the fair warning and handling the post of this dispute in a way that is very mature and adult mike.

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Micro-Reefs Aquariums



Has just informed me that the owner owes a lot of money to I guess his employees or his vendors, I don't know.


This guy should not be able to keep his company online and fool innocent people.


My God!! what if I had ordered all $500 dollars that I spent at 4 different online stores with just his !!!!


I would be up the creek, I spent just $39 dollars for the airdryer for my ozonizer, man I'm just very upset that he is fooling others !!!!!





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