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13K or 20K?


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Aqualine bushke 13K


Aqualine bushke 20K


on an Aquamedic T5/MH Pendant w/ 250watt DE and 2x24watt Ocean Blue T5's?


I want a really good blue color, but not TOO blue. I know the AB 20K bulbs usually get less blue over time.

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All personal preference. I went with the 10K AB (13K apparently) but before I chose, I went and looked at a few tanks with the various bulbs to see what I liked. I thought 20K was way too blue. I did like the phoenix 14K but since that wasn't an option on the aquamedic pendant I went with the 10K and plan on getting the 14K when I need to change bulbs.

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I currently have a 70watt hqi on my little 32g tank. It has a astralux 14K and a 55watt PC actinic bulb. Definately not blue enough for me, but almost. I guess I'll try the 20K, if I don't like it I'll switch to the pheonix 14K.



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It sounds like you definitely like the blue look. I would go with the 20K as well with your tastes. Phoenix 14k is really the best look IMO of all the bulbs I have seen (and I looked at a LOT of bulbs). AB 10K came in a close second with my taste which is more of a bright white look, no yellow. The heavy blue seen with many 20K is too artificial for me. But to each his own. The 20K does bring out some phenomenal color and allow for some spectacular photos with the right camera settings.

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I'm very into photography, and one of my main purposes of setting up my next tank is to take macro shots! I've already ordered a $400 macro lens for my Nikon D70, should be here this tuesday!!!


I've had a Pheonix 14K 250watt pendant before, and it was REALLY nice. Not blue enough though... so I think I'll go with the 20K and see how it goes =)


thanks for the help!!

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No problem. Good luck with your tank. Sounds like you are taking time to plan it out so it should end up being really nice.


Share all those pics you take with that expensive camera. I need to get a nicer camera.

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