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Bittersweet Beginning


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Hi everybody! I'm Anna, and I'm a new (aspiring) reefer! I lucked out and got a 24g AquaPod for Valentine's day! I got the PC version, not the MH version. The LFS has the AquaPod, not the NanoCube, so that is what my (AWESOME) boyfriend got me. I took it out of the packaging, and set it on the stand, and didn't find any cracks upon inspection. I filled it up slowly/carefully with about an inch of water, and it became apparent that there is a 3-4 inch "hairline" crack on the bottom glass. :angry:


I know that my boyfriend was VERY careful with the box, and isn't responsible for the crack, and I'm hoping that LFS will exchange it - the box was sealed, and I'm assuming that it happened during shipping. Has anybody had this happen before (from LFS, not mail-order)? Should we open the next one in-store? Will the LFS usually take back merchandise under these circumstances? I would have called, but they were closed when we discovered the problem. I'm REALLY hoping that it's not $220 wasted...


I'm freaking out a little too, because I've got 25 pounds of live rock on the way (ETA Thursday), and no tank to put it in. The plan was to have the tank filled and heating up tonight, mixing saltwater tomorrow morning, and adding live rock on Thurs (at which point I will become patient and not rush things anymore!!!). I SHOULD have waited to order the live rock until I knew that my aquarium was OK, but I assumed that it would be. My first mistake is out of the way now.


Does anybody have any experience with the AquaPod stand? It seems like it could be unstable (it's a very narrow/top-heavy setup)...is this the case? I have a table that will hold the necessary weight, and am considering using the table instead of the AquaPod stand because of stability.


This is a wonderful site - I'm so glad that I've found it! I'm also looking forward to sharing my project in the Member's Tanks forum, and hopefully making a few friends!


Thanks in advance for any input!!



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:welcome: to n-r.com

anyway ya that does stink... if you dont get a new tank you could always run out and get an standard 10-20g. tank and put the LR in there.. OR a rubbermaid container... just start mixing the water now... and get the tank tommorow add water.. and then put the Liverock in..., (of course the longer the LR is in the holding tank the uglier it will get b.c. there is no light for it to grow off of.. and if u dont get a replacment tank OR lights on the holding tank they could become bare rocks (but still have the bacteria on them, which is the major reason we buy it...).. just no corraline algea on it.......

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You're lfs should take it back for an exchange. I had a similar situation with "lines" in the glass. I opened 3 boxes in the store before I found one I was satisfied with. With all the effort and expense you want to start out right.

By the way, congrats on scoring such an awesome Valentine's gift!

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the shopd will take it back...you also should be able to inspect in store without issue. if they have a problem with this, they need to get out of the business. anyway,,,,




rubbermaids are my best friend.


put the rock and water in a rubbermaid and run it like it's your tank.


when the tank arrives,transfer-- you're halfway there and lessen the cycle time.

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i agree, go back to the store asap and get another, open it and inspect it before u leave. as for the stand i ended up getting one for my 12 gal pod. i at first put it on a short endtable that is very sturdy, the problem was it looked awkward sitting low. they look much cooler on the pod stand.

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