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What Can I or Can't I keep?


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well, since it seems as though you have PC Id say Acropora and Clams are out. other than that, I think it is more a matter of what will outgrouw you tank or interfere with other coral. Do some research on the compatability of what you might want, but just about every softie or LPS should be fine.

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I have 54Watts of light (18 Antics) in my 6g Nanocube. Is there anything I cant keep?


I also have 54w in my 6g, I have a plating montipora, my first (and only probably) SPS. Doing fine at 6weeks, showing growth, tho I do not know where it will grow too, not a lot of room! Hairy shrooms, purple/green stripped shrooms, GSP, finger leather, zoas and small cleanup crew. I would think the maturity of the tank would be the limiting factor for more advanced corals, certainly not the light.



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