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Worms worms worms....


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I have a lot of Medusa Worms in my 37 gallon and they are pretty cool but now all the little baby worms keep crawling behind my magfloat scraper and getting turned into fish food, litterly. Ok, so this is not really an issue I can't solve by just moving the scraper but was just wondering if anyone else has pics of these lovely little creatures. My pic is blurry because I pointed it out to my wife while she was holding one of our daughters up to the aquarium because she had already seen it. Needless to say, my wife actually went bonkers and she grew up with alligators in her back yard.


I think they are cute. This one is actually about 6 inches long.


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Are you sure Aliens didn't come down and put those in your tank! LOL!


Those thing look like something out of Sci Fi moves that they inplant in your nose to take over your nervous system! LOL!

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I started with what looked like to be only one of those worms a few months ago and now they are everywhere although I rarely see them out of the rock and sand. They usually keep their bodies tucked away. I kinda like them myself.

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Abysswater my wife thinks they have taken over my nervouse system the way I stare at the tank sometimes.


cubenoob I started with only two that I could see in one corner of the tank and now they are evrywhere, along with small feather dusters and several other small worms. This is the only one larger than a quarter of an inch that I have ever seen come out of the sand or rockwork. That's why I wish I had gotten a better picture. The underisde may look weird but that is nothing compared to the top of their body. Now that was weird.


Guess this is one of the million reasons I like reef aquariums.

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