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lighting upgrade help needed


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my 24x12x12 15g has been setup some 6 weeks now. I have my first fish in so the next step will be corals. I should have done more research but I initially purchased a current usa 65w light thinking this would be enough. I am now convinced it wont be enough.


There are quite a few soft corals I want to get but I also want a red open brain. Would 65w be enough for xenia? It is really confusing trying to figure out what the lighting requirements and could use some suggestions.


Should I just add another 65w pc, or go with a mh pendant? Or something else? Basically i want to have a lighting system that I won't have to worry if my corals have enough light. I am not too set on having clams or sps so I won't need high high, but I would like to have everything else as an option in my tank.

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check out the 24" vho retrofit kits on hellolights.com


thats what i run on my 20H, should be perfect for your 15!!

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well ive only had it running for about 2 months..... but it hink im supposed to replace them every 6-9 or so? i gotta look that up...

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You could go T5 as well. There's 23" 4x24w HO & 6x24w HO T5 fixtures available. I'm pretty sure the 4x should work fine for that tank.


Example: http://www.premiumaquatics.com/Merchant2/m..._Code=Finnex-T5


Other than that, I'd go MH.



that is a good price, has anyone used that with any sucess?


also what about adding t5's to my current pc lighting is that a bad idea?


i could add 1 or 2 of these


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