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Help Nitrate really high!


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Hey everyone, I am a little new to the Nano reef and I have a few quick questions.


I do a test every three days and a 10% water change every Sunday. On sunday my tank looked and tested prefect. so I was happy. tanks looks awesome also..


A little tank History:


5 Gallon Hex Eclipse ( 3 stage filer)


Set up 5 weeks ago.


Live rock added 3 weeks ago


Inverts added 2 weeks ago. {(Bubble Anenome) spelling! }Coral banded Shrip, and Blue legged Crab, Little Sea hermit crab.


Feather Duster added 2/11/6


The PH of the tank is always stable at 8.4


Ammonia is right at 0.0 - 0.1


Todays Tests: 2/14/06


Nitrite is at 0.02ish


NITRATE Low range 30ish/ High Range 150ish....


What should I do about my Nitrate?


I am also getting a Funny looking Brownish spot on my glass....










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Your tank is still cycling and you added livestock, which increased the organic waste load load to the tank, and it's going to take a little time to catch up. Do small, 10 to 20 % water changes and give it some time, you should be OK

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Once a week is what I would recommend. You are going to have to let it continue to cycle and if you do them too often you will never get the numbers right. Don't be suprised if anything dies though, your tank has a long way to go and the feather duster, shrimp and bubble really do not stand a chance wit those numbers, especially if just one thing dies because your ammonia will go up like a rocket. Not trying to be a downer but realisticly that livestock has little chance with such a young tank. Feather duster alone is a filter feeder and your tank will have little for it to eat, besides the water params.


Also, you have a bio wheel on that filter. That is a nitrate factory on its own. Live rock is a filter, you don't need a wheel or and filter media actually.

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I'd do water changes, a lot until it's down...


I'd move the anenome to a more stable place until you get this under control...


I'd then clean out all the filter components and just leave some floss somewhere to catch detritus.. and replace that every couple of days...


I'm unfamiliar with the exact setup on the filter.. but suspect that you've got a buildup of stuff decomposing in it and releasing nitrates and the good guys in your live rock can't keep up...


Nice tank,,, good luck..

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So your saying I should remove the filter media and bio wheel? keep the filter intake running though correct? add some plant media to bring down Nitrate?

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Also, you have a bio wheel on that filter. That is a nitrate factory on its own. Live rock is a filter, you don't need a wheel or and filter media actually.


Good point!

Reef tanks don't need biological filters (that's what the liverock is for!) or mechanical filters. The only problem with no mechanical filter is your pump will need to be cleaned more often, but the livestock, especially feather dusters, will thank you.

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Plant possibly.. but yes.. kill the biowheel and other filter media... check out the NanoCube section for lot's of conversation on removing filter components...


I'm not sure what you're saying about plant media...

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What I mean by Plant Media. Was adding chaeto to the filter where the BIO wheel would be? Good idea or no?



that would work, but need light too!

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I have a spare light I could do, a 10w 50/50.... Not sure if that would work. I could ask the LFS owner about that. Also, should I replace the Carbon filter with Purigen product? I read in lots of forums that this is the media to use!

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Okay guys, I just checked my Nitrates again...


I dont know what was wrong this morning, but my nitrates seem to be under control now.. (human error this morning?) my Nitrates are at about low range 2.5 High range 12.5. I am using the Red Reef Marine Test.


I will keep you all posted.


First thing I did was take out bio wheel!

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I dont think anyone is following this thread anymore, oh well.. But my nitrates are normal today. Nitrate is at 1... I can live with that. (so can my tank)


Thanks everyone for suggestions

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Wow, sounds like a awesome product. I will check with my LFS and see if anyone carries it. If not I will order some from MD... Thanks for the tips!

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Nope didnt take the Anenome out... I live about an hour away from my LFS and I dont have another stable salt tank to add my anenome to. I just have to wish for the best here. This morning my Anenmoe looked very healthy full bloomed.


After a 1GL water change and removing the filter media my Nitrate seems to be going down. I will do a nother test tomorrow morning. I also cut back on my light from 12 hours to 8 hours.


I am just gonna have to wait this one out. so far things are looking promising.

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