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How much chaeto in ac500 fuge?


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A guy just sent me some good seeded chaeto...


So how much should I keep in there??


Unless I kinda pack it down it sticks out of the top some...

and you can't see my live rock at all...

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its alright if you dont see your LR but you shouldn't have to pack it down alot because if you do the cheato in the middle and bottom won't be able to get light and probably die off. Just trim it a little bit and you'll be fine, chaeto grows fast anyways.

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You need to leave room for the chaeto to grow. You will get the best results from the chaeto by harvesting some whenever it starts filling in your fuge. Fast growing chaeto removes a lot more organic waste from the water than chaeto that is max’ed out on it’s growth and is just sitting there taking up space.

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