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Filtration reccomendations?


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Could you guys give me some advice on what to add/remove to my current filtration setup. As of now my filtration is all stock.




Chamber 1 has my powerhead

Chamber 2 has carbon filled bags

Chamber 3 has a harder plastic foam

Chamber 4 has a cotton like foam and my heater


I know foam is frowned upon in nano reefs but I dont know of any alternatives as this is all very new to me. I would like to optimize my filtration, please give me your reccomendations. Thanks!

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Throw in some some small peices of coral rock in there.......little fragments......


And if light reaches it ...throw in some culepera algea in there too......

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should I take anything out? Please im totally lost on this subject so please tell me which chambers I should change and how the change will benefit so I can learn

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take out the foam and cotton unless you plan on changing the floss out every other day at least, you should get lower nitrate readings with these out of your tank.

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I took out 2/3 of the cottonish stuff in chamber 4 and took the foam out of chamber 3 (there was a LOT of detritus in there!). I also took out the stock carbon in chamber 2 and replaced it with chemi pure. This shouldnt cause any spikes in my tank should it? All my params are about perfect right now. Any other reccomendations of what to do with my empty chamber 3 or 4?

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