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Is this enough lighting?

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I will be setting up a 20 gallon long (really long - 36" x 10" x 12") and don't want to spend alot of $$$ on lighting this tank.  I was thinking about getting a SmartLite strip (96w).  There are other strips I could use, but I'm trying to save $$$ on lighting and space is an issue.  The tank is only 10" deep.  The SmartLite is 6".  If I use this one, I'll be able to section off a few inches in the back for a refugium and have a different light for it.


I'm thinking that with a refugium, I'll have a more stable system.



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I have 72W on a 10 gal FWIW. I would think you should be okay, but more is better. 96W should be an average amount of light...


Your problem is that a 96 strip light isn't 36" long. I think it's only 24" at most. So you are going to have dark spots regardless.


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36x10x12 gives about 18G.

You get about 5watts per gallon.  This is adequate, you should be ok.


I agree with fish04, you will have dark spots at the ends of the tank, but it should be ok as long as you dont put corals at the extreme ends of the tank.


I dont know if the light is a single unit or double unit, if you got a double unit with two bulbs you can stagger the 2 tubes so the ends at least get a decent amount of light.


Hope that helps.

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reef hugger

the 96w bulb and socket at ahsupply is 35.25" long. the  96w smartlite from csl is 36" long. i don't think you would have any dark spots in the tank.


i'm not sure about sectioning off the back part of the tank. i think it would be to narrow.  maybe the end would be a better idea, that way you could just use the 96w to light it . hth

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