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If I am asking stupid questions just bare w/ me. I am not new to fish tanks(freshwater) or water control (pool guy as second job). I have a 5.5 gal (empty...hopefully a nano reef soon)a 2.5(freshwater) 10 gal(2 baby corn snakes) 29gal( baby sulcuta"african spur thigh tort") 18 gal(empty maybe a sw instead of 5.5) and a 40gal(reptile tank-for tort then snake)


For v day im getting a 9" 18 watt coral life marine mini hood...from the woman

(she gets a 900$ ring and i get a 30-50$ hood ....) and i work two jobs and dont spend much so i can buy what i need as i go and learn. i Live in a very small place...1 small room w/ one other person and a ton of stuff, other wise i would want to set up the 18gal....here are my q's.


1) I am movin in june....should i even try a nano in fear of moving(2 miles)


2) I am a novice to sw but very eager and have been cruiseing site for about a month and reading several sites and books for about 4 months.


3) 5.5g Should I make a Sump maybe 1-2.5 gal??? or just a over the top??? or a comparment in


4) 5.5 can i have a goby???


5) is there any thing else????



im just looking for an ok to start

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All By myself...uh thats too bad. any way i can get this removed....i feel embarised...not even a welcome or a hello...i couldn't explain to much (i work tech support for a major internet comany and i cant write to much at once while a cust is asking me questions I know the small stuff...just wanted a go for it or a hello. i apoligize for your inconveince.

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No inconveinance, it's the weekend, most don't cruise the site on the weekends.

Welcome to N-R.com! Don't feel too bad, I've never gotten a welcome here either.

I would wait to set it up, personally. It'll take at least a month to fully cycle, that'll make it an even shorter time till you move. No harm in collecting your stuff in the mean time though, also a good time to deside what you want to do setup wise. As you look around here and see all the things people have done, you may want to do something a bit diff than you originally thought.

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:lol: Thanks for the reply...sounds like a good idea...im' just eager to get started



sorry for whining i was just watching it like a hawk...cause im bored....thanks RayWhisperer

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Welcome To SW and Nano-Reef! Yeah, I never got a welcome either... :lol:


I second what Ray said. Wait till you move. If you got your stuff now, it'd just finish cycling, then you'd need to dump out most of the water for the move and contend with some dust and crap from the move getting into your water. In the meantime, just hang around this site and read up on all the stuff you'll be needing (and there are lots... even for a 5.5g).


You may even want to consider going slightly larger, if your budget allows. I started out with a 6g Eclipse then moved up to a 15g tall after 6 months.


Good luck!

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thanks duke....i guess i'll have to be content with my mini fw...and snakes...and a fast growing tort....i just always loved sw and wanted one.



Thanks for the support and i was sorta mad at a cust on the phone when i wrote that..... but hey i got welcomes :lol:

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