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lunar light


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it appears as if salt creep has rusted or burnt out my LED in my current usa satellite. anyone had to replace these before?


anyone know where i can get a replacement?


current usa is charging $19 for that little bulb plus shipping

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Single LED Strand Replacement Moon White color. For replacing LEDs in Current USA Orbit and Satellite fixtures only. Requires customer to wire in the LED. (1W LED)


that is all they have listed

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Do you have a volt/ohm meter that can tell you what the voltage and current are being supplied to the LED?


If you can't get any specs from them, it will be hard to determine what kind of LED you can put in there. Some people would tell you that all LEDs are the same, but they are not.

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I doubt it, but you could check.


You might want to email the company and ask a couple questions like:


(1) What peak wavelengths does the LED emit?

(2) What voltage/amperage does the LED run at?

(3) How bright is it (in lumens, candle power, lux, etc...)?


If you make it seem like you are thinking of modding the hood with an LED not purchased from them, they may clam up and stop talking to you.


If you want to be safe, buy the $20 LED from them.


If you want to save a few bucks, do a DIY, and maybe get a different LED, see what info you can tease out of them.

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