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Identify this, please..


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Hi, rearranged the rocks and noticed this guy constantly pulling up lots of detritus into his "hole". He resides in a small crevice and elastic, translucent tentacles pulling detritus from the rocks nearby. They seem to stretch to no end (about 3 inches in the photo below). In this picture, look for the tentacles picking food off the rock shelf below (middle of pic). Looks like fishing line or spider webs. Can someone tell me what this is? Thanks!!post-18454-1139461054_thumb.jpg

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Its a sort of worm . I forgot the name of it. They are good for your tank. It feeds by sticking its tentacles out and also creates his home by hauling little pebbles to its hideout.



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Glad to hear it's a good thing! That rock was always facing the back of the tank. Now its up front and I noticed quite a few of 'em today pulling in LOTS of crud that was stirred up during the rearrange.

Thanks for your help!

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Yes, a great hitchhiker to have, fun to watch. It's nice that they're diurnal. The variety of polychaetes we get is just amazing.


Nice picture, BTW. My terebellids never have quite as many tentacles extended at once. I expect they're a different species.



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