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Which should I go with?


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This is my first post here on this site. I am not new to reefkeeping but I am new to having a nano tank. My last tank was a 75g reef but due to having to move into an apartment im restricted to a nano. At any rate I have an 18g acrylic now that I want to setup.. I am looking at these 2 fixtures and wanted some more experienced reefers comments/suggestions on the lighting im looking at. These are the 2 im torn on.



The very top fixture on the list:









My only thing with the 2nd one is that it suggests being over a glass top, is that necessary? I've seen a few tank setups in the gallery here that have this light with no glass cover so i wasnt sure.


Thanks loads!


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If i get the one from custom aquatics I was going to go with the 13k bulb.. i was told the 20k would be too blue? I had VHO over my 75, never had MH so im unsure. :)

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Hey Geri, Welcome to Nano-Reef.


I agree with lgreen with the AquaMedic over the Coralife. I have an Aquamedic 150w Pendant with a 20k over a 25gal and love it. Next time I get a bulb I'm going to try a Phoenix 14k because I hear you see more growth with the 14k since it's more intense. I don't feel the 20k is too blue though, if you click the link for the picture of my 12g NC below it's with the 20k over it without any White Balance correction.


What are the dimensions of your tank? If you have a 24" tank, AquaMedic has a 150w with 2x24 T5 Pendant... it's 24" long but I'd pick that fixture up if it fits.

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Hey, sorry it took so long for me to get back lol was all wrapped up in getting this going forgot to come back!


Tank demensions are 14" tall, 14" wide and 24" long. I went ahead and got the one that was suggested.. im just trying to figure out how to hang it over the tank now. :) I got the 14k bulb. :)

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